Rise Above It – Tell the Truth

March 28, 2016

RAI Logo“Telling the truth” without defending ourselves or blaming others….[is a] kind of honesty that rises above the argument of whether it is better to “vent our emotions” or “suppress or anger.” It begins, as do all the commandments, with honest self-examination. It begins by being true to ourselves – that is, by being scrupulously honest about all things, and by refusing to live in self-deception….Being true to ourselves means that we express our position clearly – as we see it – without allowing our conversations to slip into arguments about who is right and who is wrong, or to totally disintegrate into war-like frays where we blast one another with our “justified” anger….[The task before us ] is to tell the truth: be true to yourself and others; live in integrity and keep your word. Harness the power of truth to refute the false witnesses that enter your mind and occupy your thoughts. The truth is that God is all powerful, and that with God all things are possible.  – from Rise Above It, by Ray and Star Silverman

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