Practicing Forgiveness

July 30, 2017

We are excited to announce our newest small group Journey Program, Practicing Forgiveness,  six Sundays, October 1 – November 5.

A free introduction will be offered Sunday, September 24, 1:30 – 3:00PM

During his time on earth, Jesus had a central message: love and forgive one another. Life as a human being means enduring some bumps and bruises, and love and forgiveness serve as a much-needed healing balm for our spirits. Deeply engaging in the process of forgiveness can restore not only our sense of inner peace and integrity, but often even our physical well-being. Authentic forgiveness stems from a deep faith that we are enough, that love is abundant, and that even though we have been wronged, we don’t have to spend our emotional energy trying to that “debt” paid back to us.

Though we may ask for forgiveness from God, even daily, releasing our resentments toward others requires attention, prayer and often community support – three essential components of a small group program. Our goal with this Journey Program involves bringing communities together around the common desire to learn to love and forgive one another. This kind of trust doesn’t come easily! It takes practice to train our minds to learn to let go of what’s not important, so we can make room for things that really matter. That’s what “Practicing Forgiveness” is here to offer – a place for people to come together and focus on ways to learn to accept, forgive and love each other.

We base our program on various stories Jesus tells about forgiveness, pairing each Bible story with one from the Forgiveness Project (a UK-based organization collecting and sharing powerful stories). We have found that the juxtaposition of stories allows for fresh insights and appreciation for the Bible’s relevance.

Every participant has a workbook with  the daily readings that follow each small group session. Participants are given specific tasks to encourage them to practice some element of forgiveness, and see its application to their lives. We share our experiences and insights in the small group of fellow travelers that meets on Sunday. The workbook includes various meditations and other activities in the appendix, as well as in-depth sermons.

The free introduction will be an invitation to join a small group, and include an experience that will be useful to you. The participants will be gathered into small groups of 10-13 people, which then becomes a closed group. The cost of the program, including the workbook, is $50. Scholarships are available.

Email Clark Echols for more information at [email protected]

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