Create: Beginnings

February 6, 2017

Every single moment of a person’s life, both of the understanding and of the will, is a new beginning. —Secrets of Heaven 3854:3

Emanuel Swedenborg We have so many opportunities to begin again. Beginning something new can be invigorating. It can also be terrifying. What does scripture teach us about beginnings? There is a lot of beauty to behold in every beginning. It is wonderful to see how God is present in it all, present in the joy and the struggle.

Our next small group Journey Program:

CREATE: Make space for restorative practices

Six small group sessions that “nurture a conversation about creating habits, thought patterns, and systems that can help you to step into the life you really want.”

Each session includes guided meditation and discussion, an experiential exercise, and homework of reading and journaling.


Week 1 Beginning
Week 2 Curiosity
Week 3 Resistance
Week 4 Courage
Week 5 Step into Providence

Sundays, March 5 – April 9

12:30 – 2:00  Limited to 12 participants

$25 for workbook and handouts

For more information or to register, call Clark at: (513) 284-1236

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